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Properpick is an online business directory designed for service providers to market their professional business services to consumers in their local area.

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Our Story

How Health & Fitness Inspired Us

In 2011, a personal journey developed into a professional mission. We researched and interviewed certified fitness trainers for our personal health and exercise plans. We read countless reviews and testimonials about local fitness trainers. But, how do we know those fitness trainers will fit our own personal needs.

Who offers the best custom fitness training programs? We couldn’t see or hear the fitness trainers’ expertise, health/fitness goals and benefits of their exercise programs. So, we took an up close and personal approach by watching videos of fitness trainers demonstrating their own workout routines. We could see and hear the fitness trainers. Then, we could decide which fitness trainer is the right fit for each of us.

Why not offer a video business directory for every business in an industry? Visual storytelling provides an advertising opportunity for businesses to tell their own story. This way, service providers can market their own professional business services to consumers by using the power of video in a personal way.