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They say that “there is no second chance to make a first impression”. And we all know that most of the decisions and choices we make in life come from our gut before they go through our brain. ProperPick will help you make sensible choices using most of your senses. You may not be able to smell or touch the people you meet here but you will be able to see them, hear them and get a feel for who they are. Wouldn’t you want to see who will be clowning at your son’s birthday party? Don’t you want to hear the lawyer who will be representing you in court, or your new dog-walker, personal trainer, coacher, masseuse, and so on… For your peace of mind - pick your professional service provider through ProperPick.

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Use Properpick as a Starting Off Point to Advertise Your Marketing Services

Properpick is a great way to advertise your marketing services to businesses. You can advertise directly from our site, creating a video marketing campaign to let potential clients know what you offer their business. Whether you service clients from San Francisco to Boston or want to target local businesses in your area to build a working relationship, we can help you advertise.

Nothing shows how well you market like your own marketing strategies. Impress clients by creating a promotional business video that encourages prospective clients to click through and visit your website, look at your pictures, or view more of your videos. Our advertising campaigns are affordable and creative, giving you an edge over the competition.

Live Chat with Website Visitors

When a potential client makes a personal connection with you, it's much easier to convince them to hire you as their marketing service. With live chat options offered by Properpick, you can engage prospective clients and give them a feel for your personality, which helps them determine if you two will work well together. A client is more likely to choose you if they've spoken to and interacted with you over a chat session.

Customize Your Advertising

When you use Properpick, we don't tell you how advertise your business. You can connect with potential clients by customizing your marketing video production and creating a unique video that maximizes your exposure. Your profile introduces you to clients, so don't hesitate to make it eye-catching and effective at bringing in potential clients. You can use your own recording device to make a video at home and upload it to the site. You can show clients how you've effectively managed to market for other businesses and showcase why you're the marketing agency perfect for their needs.