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Accounts page – tips

  • Full and accurate details will attract quality traffic
  • Use a good personal photo for an attractive profile

Business profile page – tips

  • Full and accurate details will attract quality traffic
  • Maximize your exposure by sharing your profile on social media
  • Customer testimonials can positively influence prospects
  • Attractive promotions will make you stand out in the crowd

Video gallery – tips

  • Shorter videos are more effective, 2-3 minutes is great
  • Write and practice your script in advance but do not read from a page
  • Use an editing program to add captions to your video
  • Make sure your lighting is bright and warm
  • Be yourself, be professional, be friendly!

Image gallery tips

  • Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words!
  • Show people exactly what you are selling them
  • Only upload professional and attractive looking images
  • For best appearance resize your images to fit the instructions
  • Add names and descriptions for your images

Tips for video shoots

Pre-shooting preparations:
  • Plan ahead on the main points of what you want to get across. Remember that the viewer is impatient and there are hundreds of other video clips on the website. Prepare your headlines in advance.
  • Think about your target audience profile and prepare your message accordingly. On the other hand, be natural and be yourself.
  • Think about the video’s visualization:
    • Make sure you are dressed appropriately (a white top is NOT recommended)
    • Choose a colorful and interesting frame, but make sure there is nothing distracting like ext on your T-shirt or a playful pet.
  • Choose an interesting background (NOT a white wall), preferably something that will add depth to the frame, like a plant.
  • Choose a location that is not too dark. If you’re shooting outdoors during the day, make sure the camera is not facing the sun and that the sun is not blinding the speaker and causing him/her to grimace.
  • Choose a quiet location with no background noises such as people, cars, etc.

The photo-shoot:
  • It’s best not to perform a self-shooting session but to get help from someone that will do the shooting and provide feedback after each take.
  • During the shooting, the photographer should have earphones and make sure there are no background noises (phones, talking, A/C, fridge, cars, etc.)
  • Position the video camera on a tripod at the speaker’s eye-level.
  • Use a microphone (either a lapel or a dynamic microphone).
  • The object being filmed should be in the middle of the frame and should fill most of the frame. Leave some space above the object.
  • Choose a location where you feel comfortable and not pressed for time.